Hovering Breadcat has a little something for everybody!”

— Good Time's Santa Cruz

HOVERING BREADCAT  - An Informal Bio! 

You know how a cat always lands on its feet?  You know how a piece of buttered bread always lands butter side down?  What happens when you attached a piece of buttered bread on the back of a cat?  You have a “Hovering Breadcat!” 

Hovering Breadcat is a festive and fun group that rocks a bunch of great tunes, including Folk Rock, Country, Irish Drinking Tunes, Sea Shanties, and more - but done in our own Americana Groove style.  We play a wonderful collection of unique covers and thought promoting originals.   We've played many a festival stage, numerous venues and truly enjoy sharing our festive sound.  Each performer in the band is special in their own right.  Kind of like having a band of superheroes.  Plus - we're a bunch of really nice guys: 

Brian Vandemark - Bass, Vocals.
    Brews beer like the pro's, and makes the best mead ever.  He is an amazing photographer and Tech Guru as well. 
Tommy Knowles - Guitar, Vocals.
    A man for all seasons and specializes in Ye Olde Sea Chanties.  Additionally, he is a biologist and Jellyfish Guru at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

Harry Thomas - Harmonica, Guitar, Vocals.
    Our Harmonica player and sound guru.  He specializes in singing old cowboy trail songs of old - keeping this old tradition alive.  Dry humorist too.    

David "Granite" Welsh - Drums/Percussion. 
    Outdoor expert, river rafter and rock climber.  Professor of outdoor studies.  Also one of the best percussionists in the game.  Plays big drum set for festivals - but can also play his suitcase kit for smaller gigs.  Also a fine Vocalist and Guitarist! 

Michael Willingham - Mandolin, Vocals.
Humorist, mandolinist and historian of great time honored Americana music including Celtic, Bluegrass, Cajun, and so much more.  A long time Breadcat and brave fellow who is able to jump on stage at a moments notice.

Derek Bodkin - Guitar, Banjo, Vocals - and Whistling. 
Multi Instrumentalist Derek Bodkin has a degree in music composition and conducting - emphasis on percussion - and has been performing since childhood.  Derek worked as Drum Sargent in TWO Bagpipe and Drums bands (where he learned a plethora of Irish drinking tunes), did voice over for numerous T.V. Shows in Hollywood (including Sabrina The Teenage Witch and Diagnosis Murder) - and in 2017 won the title of "WORLD CHAMPION" at the Masters of Musical Whistling Competition held in Los Angeles.  Derek continues to perform and record on many studio sessions, he also judges whistling competitions, does voice-over work, and continues to pursue new musical endeavors - including the release of his second album "Hooptie" in 2020.

We hope to share our music with you. 

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